Who we are

LITT Events – Let’s Inspire & Triumph Together!

We want guaranteed satisfaction for all our guests by taking a fresh approach to the way we organise our events. With our main focus on nightlife we will make sure you’re buzzed throughout the year.

We as LITT Events strive to bring people together and entertain them in the best and most memorable way possible.


Our three concepts are Très Bien, Zoet en Mama Africa!

Très Bien is the concept that blends the best Hip Hop & R&B of the 90s/early 2000’s, Latin and Afro-House!

Zoet is the place to be for some raw Trap/Dancehall/UK Grime/Hiphop/R&B of the past and current club bangers.

Mama Africa is the fresh concept and absolutely necessary concept for everyone who feels connected to Africa!
No matter where you’re from just come through to celebrate African music and culture!

Where we operate

We operate through out Holland!


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